Ashtar Communications 2

by DJ Backshot / Ashtar



Side A: DJ Backshot
Side B: Ashtar

ACMX002 marks the first of AshCom's limited edition split c96 mix series...
Side A features longtime AshCom associate DJ Backshot (SAKI) from Hollywood,FL serving up his trademark gritty ethos via 48min of heavy hitters ranging from jungle to classic house to bounce *** Not to be missed***
Side B is a direct channeling from Ashtar who is currently at a goa party on a planetary embryo orbiting HD 23514. Diverging in style and presentation from ACMX001, Ashtar stays locked at 125 bpm with a steady stream of house, techno, and breaks. If you're too good for the hits, this is not for you.

Coming Soon:
SAKI "Heatsroke '98" c40
Neoprene "Symbiote" c40
out 23/9/2015


released October 1, 2015



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Ashtar Communications Chicago, Illinois

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